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Italy to join UPC

22 May 2015

Following the decision of the CJEU to dismiss the ‘Spanish Challenge’ to the UPC on May 5, on 13 May the Inter-ministerial Committee for European Affairs expressed the Italian government’s willingness to adhere to the so-called “enhanced co-operation” procedure.

The Italian Parliament is now expected to join the unitary patent (where it had previously not taken part) and ratify the UPC Agreement (which it already signed).”

Confindustria, and other industry associations, warmly welcomed the new Government’s approach and the President of the Centre of Studies on anti-counterfeiting expressed the hope that the government will also work for the establishment of a Regional Court in Italy. The President of ICC Italia, along with some category associations, has addressed to the Ministry of European Affairs a letter, highlighting once again the importance for Italy to sign and ratify the whole unitary patent package. 

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