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Health Tech innovators and big business come together for London Technology Week

15 June 2016

How to be successful with the NHS and Corporates: conference hosted at London’s iconic City Hall on 21st June 2016 @ 2.30pm - 6.30pm 

As part of London Technology Week, MedCity and Tech London Advocates are hosting a unique industry event, focusing on how innovators in Health Tech can work with the big players – NHS and Corporates. With experiences shared, the session will offer practical insights, exploring a range of different business models and approaches.  

“London is home to some of the world’s most advanced innovators in the health sector but getting the attention of big players and understanding how to work with them is sometimes the difference between ideas that succeed and those that fail. Any event that convenes big players and entrepreneurs who have the big ideas is a great opportunity for both sides and helps ensure that London thrives as a hub for technical innovation,” said Jim Ford, co-chair of Allen & Overy’s life sciences practice. 

Speakers include executives from Johnson & Johnson, Konica Minolta, Aviva, MedCity, NHS, and London & Partners. 

The programme is made up of three interlinked panel discussions: 

  • The NHS: Speakers from the public service will discuss what they are looking for, how they decide who they are willing to work with, and how best innovators can work with them.
  • Big Business: Leaders from established health tech corporations will explain how they can successfully create commercial partnerships with startups and innovators, how it can be beneficial for both sides, and what is key to getting the attention of the big players.
  • Successful Innovators: Health Tech innovators will tell us about their success with the NHS or big companies, providing take-aways on the best ways to get results. 

A&O is a proud sponsor of the conference. 

For more information contact Rose Hall or register direct via Eventbrite by clicking here. 

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