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Global Litigation Survey 2015 published

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05 May 2015

The new and expanded edition of the Global Litigation Survey is now available.

The survey, produced by A&O’s Litigation Department, seeks to assess ten key indicators of the litigation process in 161 legal systems. In order to help readers quickly and easily assess risks and opportunities associated with litigating in a given jurisdiction, the results of the survey are presented using simple colour-coded charts and maps. Ten key indicators of the litigation process have been selected and are evaluated in each jurisdiction by the assignment of a colour rating (ranging from blue through green and yellow to red), which best captures the position in that jurisdiction. Each of the colour ratings is accompanied by brief notes and additional data explaining the selection country by country, but the broad position in all the jurisdictions can always be seen and compared at a glance. This innovative technique of rating legal issues – allowing complex legal data to be synthesized and distilled – has been devised by Philip Wood CBE QC (Hon) of our Global Law Intelligence Unit and is intended to enable surveys of this kind to be conducted swiftly and at a fraction of the cost generally involved.

The new and expanded edition of the Global Litigation Survey includes contributions from an additional 25 jurisdictions, including Bahrain, Bangladesh, Cayman Islands, Cuba, Jamaica, Lebanon, Macau, Malawi, Paraguay, Rwanda and Senegal. Existing entries and analysis have also been extensively updated. The result is an evaluation of the essentials of litigation in 161 jurisdictions, a truly global survey which, as far as we know, remains the only one of its kind.

To view the taster brochure, please click here.

If you would like a copy of the survey, please contact Sarah Garvey.