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A&O’s First Hour, First Day campaign for Hope & Homes for Children results

29 March 2019

How A&O’s support is helping to ensure children grow up in loving families

The results are in from this year’s First Hour, First Day campaign, where people across A&O donate either the first hour or first day of their 2019 pay to our global charity partner, and it has raised GBP423,000 for Hope and Homes for Children.
Director of programmes and advocacy at Hope and Homes for Children, Delia Pop, said, “we’re extremely grateful and overwhelmed by the success of A&O’s First Hour, First Day campaign.”
“A&O’s funding will not only support children transitioning from orphanage to family-based care, but it will also help us to establish solid foundations across India and Nepal for the overhaul of child protection and care systems in both countries. Thank you to everyone who donated for your incredible support.”
Life-changing work in Nepal and India
In Nepal and Jharkhand, India, Hope and Homes for Children is setting up two life-changing programmes which will bring about local government commitments to end exploitation and trafficking of children through orphanages.
Hope and Homes for Children will develop community-based services to support families where they live, preventing at-risk children from becoming separated from their homes. The charity’s team will also ensure that children who are already in orphanages are reintegrated into loving and safe families, and if that’s not possible, that there are good quality alternative care options for children without parental care.
If A&O reaches its GBP1 million fundraising target, Hope and Homes for Children will help an estimated 400 children transition out of institutions and into family-based care, as well as prevent 4,000 children and their families from being separated through community-based interventions.
We will help children like Jacinta.
Jacinta’s story
“One day I would like to be an engineer,” Jacinta says with a grin. But just a few months ago, this would have been an impossible dream. Jacinta had dropped out of school to help her family earn enough to support her. She was at great risk of being sent to live in an orphanage by her family, believing that the institution would keep her safe from the traffickers who prey on young girls in Jharkhand in India, where she lives.
Behind the high walls of the institution, she would have been denied the love and individual attention she needs to develop and thrive. Cut off from her family and community, she would still have been at risk of abuse from the older children and staff.
Instead, our funding means that Jacinta’s family now has the income they need to keep her with them. She can grow-up as part of her community, not shut away in an orphanage. The encouragement of her peers and staff at the Child Friendly Space we are helping Hope and Homes for Children to establish near her home, means Jacinta now has the confidence and guidance she needs to catch up on her studies and focus on a brighter future
Unrestricted funding and pro bono support
As well as funding the projects in Nepal and India, about half of the money we raise will be given to Hope and Homes for Children to use flexibly towards its work to ensure every child across the world grows up in a loving family. Flexible funding means that the charity can allocate money to where it’s most needed.
“All children deserve a family of their own,” says Delia. “This partnership will help us to drive forward regional commitment toward care reform and the elimination of institutions across India and Nepal, as well as strengthen our wider work around the world, changing the lives of thousands of children globally.”
Pro bono will form an important part of our partnership with Hope and Homes for Children. A small team from A&O will travel to Delhi and Ranchi (Jharkhand) in India in April to kick-start the work.