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Allen & Overy recognised by the Ethnicity Awards 2021

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Allen & Overy has been recognised by the Ethnicity Awards 2021. The awards seek to showcase individuals and businesses that are working to ensure that all people are afforded equal opportunity, regardless of race or ethnicity.

A&O has been named as a Top 10 Outstanding Employer, and Partner and Co-Chair of A&O’s London Race & Ethnicity Committee, Karan Dinamani, has been named as a Top 10 Inspirational Leader.

Karan Dinamani comments: “From the most tragic of sparks, the past year has been momentous in terms of how we understand and advocate for change when it comes to racial and ethnic diversity, equity and inclusion. One of the inspiring things for me is seeing how people have really embraced the fact that any one of us can make an impact within our own circles – whether large or small. I offer my congratulations to my peers in this category.”

Ian Field, London Diversity & Inclusion Partner, Allen & Overy: “While much remains to be done, great strides have been made recently within A&O, and also in the wider legal sector, to understand and start to address issues related to racial and ethnic diversity and inclusion. We have committed to act when it comes to attracting talented, racially diverse people, improving retention rates and creating an environment where our ethnic minority colleagues can thrive. We are delighted to have these efforts recognised by the Ethnicity Awards.”

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