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Allen & Overy support for clients in navigating the end of Brexit transition period

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24 December 2020

After many months of protracted negotiations, a Brexit trade deal has finally been agreed.

There will be significant changes to the legislative and regulatory frameworks in which our clients will be required to operate from 1 January 2021. We have analysed the text in detail, and an overview of the agreement is available here.

At the time of the UK’s Brexit referendum in 2016, we described Brexit as “the biggest demerger in history”. While the switch to the new free trade agreement may lead to some disruption for businesses and individuals, our lawyers understand the legal and regulatory frameworks that clients will be required to operate in as that demerger becomes effective. We have the expertise, breadth of experience, advanced delivery solutions and geographic footprint to assist clients in understanding the risks and challenges and to make the most of the opportunities that the new relationship between the EU and the UK will offer.

On our Brexit Law webpages, you will find detailed analysis on specific areas of law depending on the sector or areas of business most relevant to you.

For media enquiries please contact our media relations team in London.

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