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Employee wellbeing

Employee wellbeing is at the heart of a workplace´s culture because when companies get it right, their employees feel valued, engaged and productive.

This is not an issue that relates only to physical and mental wellbeing. It includes elements such as work and life balance, stress management, growth and development opportunities and relationships with work colleagues and line managers. Employee wellbeing and a healthy culture are inextricably linked, and without the former, you cannot have the latter.


Absenteeism, presenteeism, leavism – are these isms part of your culture?

Read our blog examining the claim that the rise in employee mental health issues is due to workplace expectations.

April is Stress Awareness Month

Read our blog on Stress Awareness month, where Sarah Henchoz looks at some the recent statistics and discusses what managers can do firstly to spot the warning signs of stress, and then the difficult bit of managing this sensitive issue.

Cross-border analysis

What is burnout and, following the WHO’s decision that it will be a world-recognised "occupational syndrome" from 2022, how should employers be tackling the risks in a global workforce?

Read our publication "Burnout – managing your global risk".

Empolyment Talk

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Regular updates and insight from across the employment sector 

Welcome to Allen & Overy’s Employment Talk blog, sharing with you our views and insights into the latest trends, risks and developments with HR boardroom issues and employment law and practice.