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Gap between two high rise buildings
Gap between two high rise buildings

Global M&A Insights: Turbulent times

After an H1 filled with turmoil and uncertainty, our report looks behind the numbers for silver linings. We also take a deep dive into private capital and examine the reasons behind the real estate M&A boom, analyse how the growth capital market will develop, consider the deal levers available to minority investors, and find out what the growth in core plus infrastructure investing means for deal terms. 

Highlights from the report

  • H1 data shows a drop in global M&A transactions, but it was still a historically strong half year
  • Real estate M&A climbed 16% by value, driven by interest in post-pandemic assets
  • Growth capital is coming into period of change due to macroeconomic factors
  • Deal protections for minority investments will become ever more important
  • Core plus infrastructure investments require a different approach to due diligence and deal teams
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Global M&A transactions drop over 20%, but bright spots remain

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The value of global M&A transactions dropped 21% when compared to the record high of H1 2021, although deal values still broke USD2 trillion.

Real Estate M&A booms in H1 – but which assets will stay the course in uncertain market conditions?

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Global M&A may have lost its fizz in the first half of the year, but real estate deals were back with a bang after a slowdown during the pandemic. Record M&A numbers were fuelled by a return of confidence to the sector, as well as investors capitalising on changes to the way we work, live and play that were accelerated by the pandemic. Learn about the reasons behind the numbers, and which asset classes might remain hot in the remainder of 2022. 

The growth of growth capital: how will the market develop?

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There has been an explosion of interest in the growth capital market in recent years, with numerous new investors raising billions of dollars for investment in earlier stage companies positioned for expansion. But a challenging economic environment is shaking up the growth market, we expect that this will lead to the return of more investor friendly deal terms over the coming year. Find out what the next few years have in store for the growth capital market.

What protections are available to investors on minority deals?

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Minority investing offers new opportunities for private equity firms and institutional investors to put money to work in high-performing companies. However, our experience has shown that investors need to take particular care to ensure that their rights are adequately protected throughout the lifecycle of the minority deal. Learn more about the deal levers and the protections available to minority investors.

Growth of ‘core plus’ infrastructure investing puts spotlight on diligence and deal terms

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Over the past ten years the types of assets that infrastructure investors have been willing to buy has been steadily widening, with the race to Net Zero, the war in Ukraine and the pandemic only accelerating this trend. These assets provide interesting opportunities for investors but their higher risk profile means that investors need to take a different approach to due diligence as well as consider new financing terms. Find out what core plus means when doing deals. 

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Gap between two high rise buildings

Global M&A Insights: Private capital weathers the storm – but for how long?

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