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Asia and China lead recovery

A pattern of strong recovery in deal activity in the second half of the year is evident on a regional basis.

Most regions saw a strong rebound in Q3, which has continued into the winter.

Nevertheless, for the year as a whole, most markets have seen a decline in deal value and volume.

That is certainly the case for the U.S. However, the strength of recovery from late summer onwards has been remarkable, given all the political and economic uncertainties that investors have had to contend with.

Bucking the trend

But some regions are notably standing out, including:

  • Western Europe where value has grown thanks mostly to some big deals at the very start of 2020
  • Asia and Greater China where, arguably, progress in tackling the crisis has been more effective allowing growth to return faster

By contrast, MENA has seen a growth in deal volume but a steep decline in deal value for the year as a whole.

M&A value in Latin America followed a similar trajectory, although here there was also a resurgence in activity from Q3 onwards.

Traffic and bright lights on Broadway in New York
Global M&A Insights: Towards a new era

Inbound target markets, Q4 2020

Graph showing the number of inbound deals

Outbound acquirer nations, Q4 2020

Graph showing the number of outbound deals

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Traffic and bright lights on Broadway in New York

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