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Traffic and bright lights on Broadway in New York
Traffic and bright lights on Broadway in New York

M&A Insights: Towards a new era

This report looks at how Joe Biden’s election will impact U.S. and global transactions, and whether the recent strong recovery in M&A markets will now accelerate. Efforts to control Covid-19 may yet be the biggest swing factor.

Report highlights

  • Global deal value and volume weak as the M&A market continues to feel effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and a divisive U.S. presidential election.
  • Figures mask a strong recovery in deal activity that began in Q3 2020. Can this recovery be sustained? 
  • Election of Joe Biden is set to increase investor confidence on which M&A transactions thrive.
  • The U.S. and China now have the opportunity to mend relations, but tensions are likely to take time to heal.
  • Data centres are attracting an increasingly wide range of investors and activity looks set to grow.

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M&A market shows signs of recovery in second half

Exterior of a glass office building at night with the lights on

In a year of two distinct halves, overall deal values and volumes remain down on 2019 levels. But that masks a very robust recovery in activity that began in late summer. The big question is can that recovery be sustained?

Connecting data centres: attracting investors

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Transactions around data centres continue to grow rapidly, driven by the rapid expansion of cloud computing, developments in AI and the Internet of Things and the acceleration of online living and working. It’s a trend that is likely to continue.

Global deal flows

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Asia and China lead recovery

A new administration in the White House and the prospect of a Covid-19 vaccine are inspiring the sort of confidence on which transactions thrive.

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Biden election set to boost investor confidence

While the Biden administration may tighten regulation in key sectors, investors remain keen to do deals and will welcome a more predictable kind of politics.

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U.S. and China relations will take time to mend

The U.S. and China now have the chance to rebuild relations, but current bitter antagonisms will take time and hard work to heal.


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UK national security regime: scrutiny of transactions tightens

The UK’s National Security and Investment Bill marks a dramatic sea change in the vetting of transactions that could bring increased uncertainty to the market.

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M&A analysis by sector

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TMT sector proves its resilience

With some notable exceptions, the second half of the year has seen deal activity recover surprisingly strongly across most sectors, a trend that is likely to persist.

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Healthcare accent is on smaller deals

The trend in the U.S. healthcare sector remains towards smaller, bolt-on or consortium deals rather than the blockbuster transactions of recent years.

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U.S. financial services: towards digitalisation and consolidation

The search by banks for more predictable revenue streams and the acquisition of transformational digital technologies remain the two main drivers for transactions.

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Traffic and bright lights on Broadway in New York

Global M&A Insights: Towards a new era

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