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Closing the skills gap: a three-step approach to fostering new skills within the legal function

In this paper from The A&O Legal Innovation Benchmarking Report, we examine the internal team structures and capabilities that are being prioritised and adopted. 

Highlights from the paper:

  • Nearly half (47%) of legal functions have now appointed a COO or head of legal operations.
  • However, there is a gap between senior leaders' innovation intent and the specialist roles needed to implement that intent: only 30% have technology managers, 29% have a head of innovation and 15% have data analyst(s).
  • In addition, there is a further gap between the innovation agenda and the skills that in-house leaders currently prioritise within their lawyer team. Just 28% say technology curiosity and ability is a 'very important' skill and 26% say change management is very important. 
  • This low expectation in relation to lawyer skills translates into under-performance: 40% rate their team as not good for technology curiosity and ability, and 43% say they are not good at change management. 
  • The leading organisations are recruiting new hires and retooling existing employees with a broader range of skills outside of traditional lawyering to close this skills gap.
The A&O Legal Innovation Benchmarking Report

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