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Modern buildings in Central Hong Kong
Modern buildings in Central Hong Kong

Global antitrust enforcement report

Antitrust authorities worldwide continued their enforcement against anti-competitive conduct in 2023.

Our report explores the latest trends in the global enforcement landscape. We analyse data from 31 jurisdictions and identify the key developments and themes shaping authorities’ activities.

We examine cartels and non-cartel conduct, including vertical restrictions (eg resale price maintenance and online sales restrictions) and abuse of dominance (eg self-preferencing and leveraging). In particular, we identify the sectors and types of conduct facing continuing regulatory scrutiny and highlight issues posing particular risks. These include digital markets, sustainability and labour market issues.

We also consider the key themes at play in private damages enforcement across the EU and the UK, including the scope for forum shopping and the evolution of collective proceedings.

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Aerial view of highways illuminated at night

Mixed picture for antitrust enforcement continues but change is on the horizon

Authorities’ enforcement activities remain robust despite lower global antitrust fine totals

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Stock exchange market graph on a digital screen

Cartel enforcement tops the antitrust agenda

Antitrust authorities set their sights on financial services, bid-rigging and labour markets

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City skyscrapers in bright sunlight as seen from below

Authorities take a more conciliatory approach to enforcement against vertical and other non-cartel conduct

Resale price maintenance still subject to vigorous antitrust enforcement, but firms agree settlements and cooperate to reduce antitrust fines

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Abuse of dominance enforcement declines as new forums emerge

“Big Tech” remains in the spotlight despite a break in fines in 2023

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Immunity and leniency pipeline continues general decline

Antitrust authorities make leniency and whistleblower policies more attractive to boost cartel detection, with merger control a potential gateway

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Dawn raids bounce back, international cooperation flourishes

Investigatory powers scrutinised in the courts, while cooperation initiatives deepen inter-agency relationships

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Blue and orange digital data waves

Digital markets remain a focal point for antitrust enforcement

The EU leads in digital markets regulation but antitrust authorities globally target digital players through new and existing tools

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Sustainability and antitrust weave a regulatory patchwork

As antitrust authorities increasingly consider the interaction between sustainability and antitrust enforcement, significant divergence emerges

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Surge in EU and UK private antitrust damages actions continues

Claimant-friendly evolution to the rules on representative and collective actions, forum shopping, evidence and quantification

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Globe of planet earth from space

Regional snapshots for antitrust enforcement fines in 2023

Key statistics from Europe, APAC and the Americas

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