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Digital markets regulation

The digital economy is on the rise, with new technologies, applications and business models increasingly affecting our societies & economies.

Governments and regulators are now catching up to this reality and ramping up their efforts to create new frameworks to regulate the digital market. Digital technologies are challenging the ways in which governments traditionally regulate. General definitions of markets are blurred, administrative boundaries are transcended nationally and internationally, and enforcement becomes more complicated.

The European Union (EU) intends to set the tone on the global stage for regulating the digital market. A number of ambitious legislative proposals have been introduced towards this end (e.g. Digital Services Act & Digital Markets Act), which will have a significant impact on many companies active in the digital sphere, both on digital service providers in the EU as well as non-EU companies serving European users. We increasingly see new regulation for the digital market emerging in other jurisdictions as well.

On these pages we will keep you updated and provide insights on what these new frameworks mean for your business.

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