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We practise law in Spain through the general partnership of Allen & Overy, a non-resident entity with an address at Serrano 73, 28006 Madrid, Spain. Allen & Overy is registered for VAT purposes with VAT number N 0067503. Allen & Overy is part of an international practice comprising Allen & Overy LLP, its subsidiaries and other partnerships, corporations and undertakings which are authorised to practise using the name "Allen & Overy”. Allen & Overy LLP is a limited liability partnership incorporated in England and Wales with registered number OC 306763 and registered office at One Bishops Square, London E1 6AD and The term "partner" is used to refer to a member of Allen & Overy LLP or an employee or consultant with equivalent standing and qualifications or an individual with equivalent status in one of Allen & Overy LLP's affiliated undertakings. A list of the members of Allen & Overy LLP and of the non-members who are designated as partners and their professional qualifications is open to inspection at its registered office, One Bishops Square, London E1 6AD, United Kingdom.

In order to practice law in Spain, Spanish lawyers from Allen & Overy are admitted to the Bar Association of their local jurisdiction. In general terms, Spanish lawyers are subject in their professional practice to the “Estatuto General de la Abogacía Española” –the General Rules for Lawyers- and the “Código Deontológico de la Abogacía Española” –Spanish Code of Conduct for Lawyers-. They are also subject to the provisions approved by their local Bar Association. The regulatory provisions referred to above are available through any of the Spanish Bar Associations, including the Madrid Bar Association, and are also available online in their respective web pages. Foreign lawyers at Allen & Overy practising in Spain are subject to the specific provisions under Directive 77/249/EEC and Directive 98/5/CE and the relevant Spanish implementing regulations. They are also subject to the regulatory provisions referred to above applicable to Spanish lawyers and they must be competent and also comply with the rules and requirements of their home jurisdiction. 

Further information on the services provided by Allen & Overy in Spain and contact details can be found here.