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We are moving to Browary Warszawskie
We are moving to Browary Warszawskie

We have moved to Browary Warszawskie

Our office in Poland moved to new premises on 14 September 2020.

Grzybowska 56
00-844  Warszawa

Our phone numbers, fax number, as well as our e-mail addresses will remain unchanged.

Our clients are at the heart of our strategy, culture and the way we work. At a time of significant turbulence in the business world, we remain committed to continuing the quest for excellence in providing services to our clients.

Our new offices, located at Browary Warszawskie reflect our aspiration to create a new innovative space for clients and our staff.

The client area can host both formal and informal meetings. Each client room is equipped with state-of-the-art wireless conferencing technology that can be used on any device, providing smooth, unrestricted communication with people from around the world. Our new premises also feature a front-of-house area containing a roof terrace and an interior garden.

A virtual tour of our premises at Browary Warszawskie


Design by MoodWorks
Photography by Marco Bertolini

About our new home

Browary Warszawskie is a multifunctional quarter of the city, carried out by Echo Investment, located in and around Grzybowska, Wronia, Chłodna and Krochmalna streets. It is a new, friendly and easily accessible part of Warsaw, located in the inner heart of Wola, at a site steeped in heritage. It was a symbol of Warsaw entrepreneurship and was one of the largest breweries in this part of Europe for many years.

The project has been created with one eye on urban harmony while maintaining a deep respect for history. There are eight modern, architecturally varied offices and residential buildings – the Brew House, the Laboratory, the Time Cellars and the Villa, which are all surrounded by several communal areas: Brewery Gate Square, Brew House Market Square, Breakfast Square and the green Central Garden. The area as a whole is an excellent spot to combine work, rest and recreation. 

This beautifully designed part of the city, combining revitalised historic factories with modern, multi-functional architecture, is already here. This chapter of the Warsaw Brewery is being written not only by apartment buildings, modern offices and city squares, but also by superb restaurants, cool cocktail bars, cosy cafes and cake shops that form the Meeting and Flavours District in the heart of the city.

History of Browary Warszawskie

We chose our new offices with more than convenience and practicality in mind. To appreciate the special significance of our new home, you need to appreciate its special history.  The area where the former United Warsaw Brewery Haberbusch and Schiele was located has been excluded from use for many years but the post-industrial areas of Wola have recently undergone an enormous transformation. A whole new life and purpose has been given to the historic buildings at Browary Warszawskie, including the Malthouse where the new Allen & Overy offices are located. Browary Warszawskie is now an integral part of Warsaw’s Wola district, combining independent buildings with public areas which have created a unique urban space. “We want to be a part of a project that reinvents Warsaw’s Wola district”, said Arkadiusz Pędzich, CEE Managing Partner.

Our commitment to the environment

Reducing our impact on the environment wherever and however we can is central to our long-term strategy as a global law firm. It’s also our commitment to every one of our people, to all of our clients and to the many local communities in which we live and work. We strive to make our workplaces ever more sustainable without compromising the health, wellbeing and productivity of our people.

Our new office at Browary Warszawskie constantly monitors the resources we use – energy-saving initiatives are in place to maximise, for instance, the efficiency of internal and external lighting. The building has been specifically designed for the circulation of fresh air while limiting the use of harmful cooling agents in the air conditioning units.

Furthermore, there are various water-saving mechanisms to reduce water consumption by up to 60%. Both the building and our office have been built with finishing materials with a low concentration of volatile organic compounds. 

Browary Warszawskie is conveniently located in the heart of Warsaw, with strong public transport links and a specially designed infrastructure to promote cycling. Browary Warszawskie also includes electric car charging stations.

We look forward to welcoming you to our new home.

Browary Warszawskie is located in the creative and innovative heart of Warsaw and reflects the quality of design and construction that is essential to our ambitions. The new space will allow us to meet and exceed the high expectations of our clients and employees. Furthermore, its unique history, which Echo Investment is restoring with strong attention to detail, inspires us even more – we want to be a part of a project that reinvents Warsaw’s Wola district. We want to be innovative and technologically advanced while immersing ourselves in the history of our nation’s capital.

Arkadiusz Pędzich, Managing Partner