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Colleagues having an animated discussion
Colleagues having an animated discussion

Empower Her - Building connections for success

Empower Her demonstrates our commitment to helping women lawyers in their professional development through meaningful connections and collaboration.

It creates a dynamic environment for networking and presents opportunities to make meaningful connections between our women lawyers and  our clients.

Empower Her creates opportunities for women to thrive professionally and personally in the legal profession.

The programme has three goals:

Meaningful networking:

Empower Her provides opportunities for our women lawyers to meet with our clients, share experiences to build lasting relationships and mutual development.

Peer Engagement:

Empower Her provides an opportunity for our clients to connect with peers who share similar interests and challenges. This peer-to-peer engagement allows for a valuable exchange of experiences and insights, deepening their understanding of legal market.

Cross-generational networking:

We recognise that the exchange of experiences and insights between different generations of professionals is a catalyst for innovation and personal growth. Our platform encourages the dynamic interplay of wisdom and fresh perspectives, strengthening connections and enhancing the professional journeys of all participants.

How Empower Her works

Empower Her organises engaging events that bring together our women professionals and clients and allows them to build a network of contacts that can open doors to new opportunities.