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Group of people walking along a corridor
Group of people walking along a corridor

CSR policy of Allen & Overy in Italy

At Allen & Overy in Italy we are dedicated to making a positive impact on the world around us. Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is deeply ingrained in our firm's culture, and guides our daily actions and decisions.

Here are some key facts pertaining to our CSR commitment.

Diversity and Inclusion

We celebrate the diversity of our team, recognizing that diverse perspectives lead to better solutions. We’re committed to supporting a culture that drives diversity, equity and inclusion. Every day, we’re working hard to create an environment where everyone feels that they can bring their authentic selves to work. To feel like they belong. We continuously listen using tools such as focus groups and surveys to understand the wide range of experiences and barriers that our diverse colleagues face. We organize internal seminars featuring powerful testimonials sharing their personal story of diversity. These initiatives provide a platform for open dialogue, education, and awareness, enabling our team to better address and advocate for equality and diversity in both our firm and the legal profession at large.

Gender Balance

Our commitment to gender equality is exemplified through our inclusive internal policies and our commitment to achieving better gender balance at all levels of our organization. We are working hard to make sure that all of our people have the same opportunities to realize their ambitions, from recruiting and retaining talented women, to supporting them through every stage of their careers, and helping them to develop a clear career path. Building on the work already done, we constantly seek to introduce and implement new viable measures with the aim of keeping and developing our top female talent. The most recent program is Empower Her (read more).


Our aim is to make Allen & Overy a caring place where people feel valued and supported. We prioritize the physical and mental health of our people and provide comprehensive support for wellbeing, from fitness programs to mental health support. We promote positive wellbeing and encourage people to speak openly about their mental health and to be unafraid to seek help. We recognize that each of us, through our awareness of and interactions with one another, has a positive role to play. Everyone can bring their whole self to work and our networks provide a strong sense of community. The more our wellbeing improves, the more we can help those around us, ensuring our teams are flourishing.

Pro Bono Work

We hold a strong belief in the power of pro bono work as an integral part of our legal practice. This work supports our responsibility to help build a fair and equitable society, as well as our commitment to our people, culture, clients and the wider legal sector. Giving back through pro bono service is a moral duty. As legal professionals, we have a responsibility to advocate for the underserved, support meaningful causes, and use our legal knowledge to effect positive change. We are continuously increasing our Pro Bono & Community Investment work with more of our lawyers becoming involved in a variety of pro bono projects. In Italy we have contributed significantly to some local projects that allowed us to support people in the community and non-profit organizations more than ever before.


We are conscious of our environmental impact and strive to reduce our carbon footprint with policies aiming at reducing travels, waste, paper and plastic usage. Our aim is to contribute to improving the environmental sustainability of the legal sector by implementing best practice in operational management.


Our commitment to CSR extends to the communities in which we operate. We support local NGOs, contributing to charitable initiatives and causes that matter most to our team and clients, such as disability and healthcare, social inclusion, and poverty alleviation.