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Reflections of yellow marbles on metal holders
Reflections of yellow marbles on metal holders

Food and Cosmetics

Our team regularly advises clients developing biotech products in areas including biotechnology derived proteins (such as insulin), immunologicals (such as vaccines and allergens), blood or plasma derived products, and engineered tissues.

Our Life Sciences team has experience of advising many cosmetic and food companies, including Cargill, LVMH Perfumes and Cosmetics, Primark, United Biscuits, McDonalds, Heineken, Kraft Foods Inc, Nestlé, British Sugar and Heinz, among others. We have advised on issues including health claims, composition and labelling requirements, and various marketing issues. Our lawyers know the issues the industry faces and understand how to deal with them. The team has the added benefit of being fully integrated into Allen & Overy’s broader Life Sciences team and benefits from insights and expertise from our dedicated Life Sciences regulatory group.

News and insights

Life Sciences, food and cosmetics, orange tubes in a factory

Blog Post: 20 October 2023

A New Era for Tastes and Scents: Protecting AI-Generated Recipes and Perfume

April Xu and Grace Wang of our US IP Litigation practice discuss how to protect recipes and fragrances in a new world of AI creation.

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leaf cells

Blog Post: 07 September 2023

Commission proposal for a new European legal framework for GMOs

In its two Confédération Paysanne decisions (cases C-528/161  and C-688/21), the Court of Justice of the European Union limited the exclusion of plants and products obtained by new genomic techniques…

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petri dishes

Blog Post: 09 May 2023

Cultured chicken cell material received FDA's "No Questions" response letter: a milestone for the future of lab-grown meat

In November 2022, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) issued a “No Questions” response letter (“Response”) to Upside Foods’ cultured chicken cell material submission (“Submission”).

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Person wearing gloves experimenting using petri dish and red liquid

Blog Post: 15 February 2023

Fed. Circuit says isolated milk nutrient not patent-eligible subject matter

ChromaDex, Inc. v. Elysium Health, Inc., No. 2022-1116 (Fed. Cir. Feb. 13, 2023) Procedural History This is an appeal from a District of Delaware summary judgement order that held that the asserted…

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