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Hotel bedroom sun peering through yellow curtains
Hotel bedroom sun peering through yellow curtains

Hotels and Leisure

Clients turn to Allen & Overy for our proven track record and understanding of the hotels and leisure sector.

We first became involved in the sector at the beginning of the 1980s and have continuously developed our practice since then. We advise some of the world's largest and most prestigious hotel chains and investors on the full range of legal services including acquisitions, disposals, developments and construction, equity capital market fundraisings, bond issues, whole business securitisations, litigation and M&A.

Allied to this is the sector insight that we have built up over the previous 30 years. Our unmatched international footprint among elite global law firms means we have advised on matters in over 40 jurisdictions mirroring the development of the hotels and leisure sector as it has grown internationally.

Our investor client base includes corporate owners, private equity funds and high net worth individuals among others. Given the real estate-backed nature of the asset class, transactions in the sector regularly involve advanced financing solutions enabling us to combine our structuring and tax advice with project management expertise.

News & insights

Publications: 04 OCTOBER 2019

Outstanding performance by A&O in global M&A league tables

A&O has marked the end of Q3 2019 with an outstanding performance in the M&A league tables; the result of advising on a number of complex, high-value transactions in a wide range of sectors and markets, around our global network in 2019.

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China removes barriers

Publications: 26 JULY 2019

China removes more barriers to market entry

The pledge by President Xi at the G20 Summit in Osaka that China would continue to liberalise market access has seen immediate progress in the form of a new update to the Catalogue of Encouraged Industries for Foreign Investment (the Industries Catalogue) and the publication of two revised negative lists governing foreign investment.

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Publications: 26 JULY 2019

Investing in China: opportunities and challenges coexist

At a time when U.S.-China trade tensions are being reported as having a dramatic impact on the global economy, China’s Ministry of Commerce has announced that the actual use of foreign capital in China is still increasing steadily, indicating that foreign investment into China’s economy is not yet being significantly affected by the trade war. In the first half of 2019, a total of 20,131 foreign invested enterprises were newly established in China, with the actual deployment of foreign capital reaching RMB478.33 billion, an increase of 7.2% year on year (equivalent to USD70.74bn, up 3.5% year on year) (excluding the data in the banking, securities and insurance sectors).

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Publications: 21 AUGUST 2018

Key Changes on New OJK Regulation on Public Company Takeover

The OJK recently passed Regulation No.9/POJK.04/2018 on Public Company Takeover, which revokes Rule No.IX.H.1. Key changes under the new regulation are a) a takeover that is carried out through a rights issue of the target listed company is no longer exempt from the MTO obligation; b) the MTO can be carried out by a more than 50%-owned subsidiary of the acquirer; and c) there will be no extension (beyond the two year period) in carrying out the sell-down obligation following a takeover and MTO.

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