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A large hydrogen tank and wind turbines against a blue sky
A large hydrogen tank and wind turbines against a blue sky


Hydrogen is set to become a fundamental part of the alternative energy sector.

With countries around the world racing towards net zero carbon emissions targets within the next few decades, it is increasingly important to establish reliable energy networks using cleaner and more sustainable fuel sources. Hydrogen has the potential to accelerate this process and enable us to align with these national and international energy strategies.

A&O’s involvement in the emerging hydrogen energy and mobility sectors spans the full cycle from initial production through to eventual utilisation across all forms of hydrogen, including green and blue hydrogen. In addition, we have a dedicated Hydrogen Interest Group, which has been building relationships and exposure to the leading industry players and following the development of the nascent hydrogen energy sector for years, including the production, storage, supply and transportation aspects of the sector, as well as the regulatory maze for export and import markets.

Our Global Energy Group has been a longstanding front-runner in the renewable and oil and gas sectors globally, which ideally positions us to assist clients with their transition into the hydrogen market. We bring a strong understanding of the technical processes and interface issues on renewable energy projects and large-scale industrial gas projects that feeds into our significant experience throughout the lifecycle of hydrogen assets. Our hydrogen project finance, acquisition and development experts are supported by specialists in areas such as environment, regulatory, antitrust and planning law.

The team’s expertise spans our global network of offices, enabling us to deliver a seamless service to clients across Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Africa, the US and Latin America. We understand that, as with the rest of the energy market, hydrogen crosses borders and requires international capabilities.

Key experience

World scale green hydrogen project

The pathfinder ECAs and lender on the project financing of a world scale green hydrogen project as part of the development of a new city in the Middle East. The project includes 4GW solar and wind power generation and a hydrogen electrolysis plant, storage facilities, a green ammonia plant and other associated facilities.

Green Hydrogen and Green Ammonia business

A client in relation to the development of its Green Hydrogen and Green Ammonia business (including applicable regulatory framework, i.e. environmental, permitting, shipping, port access, tankage and infrastructure development) across a wide range of countries.

Murray Valley blended hydrogen project

The JV participants in relation to the development of the Murray Valley blended hydrogen project, including assisting the JV in relation to the negotiation of an electrolyser procurement agreement and its ARENA funding application.

Green Hydrogen and Green Ammonia project

The sponsors on the 2,200 TPD Green Hydrogen and Green Ammonia project at the Port of Duqm, Oman.

Solar-to-hydrogen processing facility.

A project sponsor on drafting of a template "green hydrogen" Hydrogen (and Oxygen) Purchase Agreement (HOPA) to be applied initially in the context of a Latin American solar-to-hydrogen processing facility. The intent is to use the agreement in a variety of projects, which produce hydrogen from renewable power plants.

"Green Hydrogen HUB"

A subsidiary of the City of Hamburg in connection with the development of the so called "Green Hydrogen HUB" at the site of the recently retired coal-fired power plant Moorburg in Hamburg, Germany. The Green Hydrogen HUB includes the installation and operation of a 100MW electrolyser, which will be powered with renewable electricity.

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