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Regulatory Investigations and White Collar Defence

In recent years, government regulators and criminal prosecutors around the world have continued to increase attention to the activities of banks and corporations, wherever located, along with their senior officers, directors, and outside advisors.

Successfully managing the risks arising from this increased focus requires a deep understanding of both the technical legal requirements of multiple jurisdictions and the practical concerns and investigative methods used by government regulators and criminal prosecutors. Most importantly, early identification of potential criminal and civil liability risks will provide the best opportunity for effectively crafting a response that protects the long-term interests of the client in all relevant jurisdictions.

Even the decision to conduct an internal investigation into possible employee wrongdoing can later present difficult issues if the investigation is not tailored to the risks, jurisdictions, and regulators involved in the matter. Our global team of lawyers responsible for representing clients in regulatory and white collar criminal investigations bring a powerful combination of breadth of experience and local expertise to the task of helping clients solve potential problems that arise in the context of cross-border and domestic regulatory and criminal investigations.

Our practice includes both conducting internal investigations on behalf of clients and defending clients subject to government investigations. We cover a number of areas of speciality, notably the following:

News & insights

Hong Kong's Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) Enforcement Actions Tracker

Publications: 29 JULY 2020

Hong Kong's Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) Enforcement Actions Tracker

Our Enforcement Actions Tracker provides details of the SFC's enforcement actions in Hong Kong where fines of more than HKD1 million have been imposed. 

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News: 23 JULY 2020

The French anti­corruption policy: more settlements with corporations and harsher prosecutions against individuals

On June 2, 2020, the French Minister of Justice issued a circular to prosecutors (i.e. administrative guidelines) setting out the criminal policy in the fight against international corruption (the…

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Publications: 08 JULY 2020

Direct access: a sea change in data gathering in U.S./UK criminal investigations

A new UK/U.S. bilateral agreement for accessing electronic data in cases of serious crime (the Agreement), which was negotiated and released in autumn 2019, is about to enter into force.

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Publications: 23 MARCH 2020

OJK clarifies guidelines for share buybacks by publicly listed companies amid volatile Covid-19 coronavirus market conditions

Like in many other jurisdictions, panic selling amid the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak has caused significant price fluctuations for securities listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX).

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