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Cyber and Data Investigations

Allen & Overy’s expert team handles regulatory, criminal and internal investigations into cyber and data-related issues. 

Data and cybersecurity breaches can quickly gain the attention of national and international regulators and lead to a company becoming the target of investigation, often by multiple agencies both civil and criminal. There is also potential for significant attention from the media, leading to damage to reputation and to consumer trust. In such instances, it is necessary to engage counsel with specialised experience across multiple jurisdictions to advise how best to navigate the complexities associated with cross-border investigations and how to approach engagement with the relevant agencies.

Our global presence and the extensive experience of our integrated international data protection group, sets us apart. Our experience includes:

  • Acting for a major international bank on a potentially significant security breach which involved a vendor. We advised on the regulatory investigations and the position to take against the vendor.
  • Advising a European bank in a cybercrime matter whereby the corporate name and trademarks of the bank were used by a clone firm to create a clone website, which appears to be a fraudulent scheme. We assisted on criminal, civil and regulatory aspects.
  • Advising a large retailer in relation to the unauthorised publication of sensitive employee personal data on the internet by an employee. Our role included notification to, and liaison with, the ICO and other law enforcement authorities. This matter required coordination between our litigators, data protection, corporate and employment specialists, and the ability to engage the appropriate experts immediately was an important factor in effectively controlling the incident.

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