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IBOR Toolkit

The IBOR Toolkit is a collection of integrated, practical materials created and curated to help you develop and execute your IBOR transition strategy in a cost effective way.

Our IBOR team can work with you to collate an IBOR Toolkit suited to your exact needs, provided either as a single integrated package or as individual items, giving you a flexible solution that allows you to control costs.

We have invested in developing a global team of IBOR experts, market leading technology tools and integrated legal and consulting solutions for key transition issues, including contract remediation. IBOR Toolkit distils this experience and investment and contains a wide range of practical materials from pro forma project and repapering plans to legal memos and factual guides on key transition issues.

IBOR Toolkit will help you achieve best practice transition project outcomes, leveraging the experience of our leading IBOR practice.

With IBOR Toolkit:

  • Clients can choose materials from the IBOR Toolkit to suit their specific needs at the relevant stage of their project, with each item available for a fixed fee.
  • You will have access to high quality, detailed guidance on regulatory, conduct and legal risk issues presented in a practical way that helps you achieve real efficiencies.
  • You can access expert guidance on key risk areas helping you manage risk effectively and get ahead of regulatory and stakeholder expectations.
  • You get up to date materials that reflect developments from regulators and industry working groups as at the date we provide them to you (for an additional fee our experts are also on hand to update certain specified materials after this date).
  • You always have the option to upgrade from the “off-the-shelf” content to customised materials and advice, for an additional fee.

Before you make a decision, our team can discuss the content of the materials with you in detail and explore ways in which IBOR Toolkit might benefit your transition project. Where you want a tailored product, we can advise on potential amendments and provide a guideline price. With respect to your wider transition exercise, our Advanced Delivery & Solutions teams (Peerpoint; Project management; Allen & Overy Belfast; IBOR Matrix; and A&O Consulting) are also available to support you at any stage of your implementation project.

Find out more about the IBOR Toolkit

Multi-coloured LED lights spiralling in a circle

Our IBOR Toolkit contains materials that are designed to support you at every phase of a transition project.