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We advise on the environmental and health and safety impacts of bulk and specialty chemicals in various uses and applications and the potential regulatory and liability issues associated with them.

Our multi-jurisdictional chemicals practice group has a strong record of advising a number of leading multinational chemicals companies, as well as downstream users of chemicals across different sectors on sensitive issues surrounding the regulatory/liability risks arising from their products and services.

We have worked extensively on Europe’s REACH regime. This has included advice on:

  • registration obligations in complex supply chains
  • disclosure of information to regulators and third parties
  • analysis of trading operations to determine REACH obligations
  • the authorisation powers (and the inclusion of substances on the candidate list) including related legal challenges
  • Safety Data Sheets
  • REACH audits by regulators
  • supply chain terms

We provide advice on developments under the CLP Regulation and track and advise on the development of equivalent global requirements.

News & insights

Publications: 19 MARCH 2020

Urgent measures against the economic impact of Covid-19 coronavirus: Spanish Golden Share

Foreign investment in Spain is, on general terms, liberalised in accordance to Law 19/2003 that sets out a general principle of freedom of capital movements and financial transactions with foreign countries.

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Exterior of modern buildings

Publications: 18 MARCH 2020

European commission publishes draft climate law: Europe’s “man on the moon” moment?

On 4 March 2020, the European Commission (the Commission) published a draft EU climate law, along with inception impact assessments for an EU carbon border adjustment mechanism and revisions to the Energy Taxation Directive.

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Publications: 18 MARCH 2020

Covid-19 coronavirus – hot topics from a Luxembourg law perspective

The Covid-19 coronavirus has had a significant impact on businesses across all sectors and we have received various requests for urgent advice from a Luxembourg perspective. We have decided to share a list of the main topics raised by our clients, so that it might help others to prepare. We will update this as the days and weeks go by – this is of course a rapidly evolving situation.

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Publications: 11 MARCH 2020

FCA proposes enhanced climate-related financial disclosure for companies with listed equity

New Listing Rules applicable to premium listed commercial companies.

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Global REACH legal services

REACH: How can Allen & Overy assist you?

REACH is one of the most ambitious pieces of legislation to come out of Europe to date and has already had far-reaching and costly implications for all players in the chemical supply chain.