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Man and woman walking. Woman is carrying folders and the man has a coffee
Man and woman walking. Woman is carrying folders and the man has a coffee

Online legal information

aosphere makes the complex simple and useful.

We provide an online subscription reports service for legal and compliance teams who want to understand cross-border risks in real time. We transform detailed, multi-jurisdictional information into simple, user-friendly formats. This provides instant and up-to-date answers to global regulatory and compliance challenges.


Cross-border marketing

Understand the rules when distributing financial products and services overseas.

Data privacy

Know your global data privacy obligations with detailed analysis in one easy to navigate location.

Shareholding disclosure

Find out if you need to disclose, and how. Access automated solutions and market data offerings.

Derivatives legal analysis

Understand issues such as netting, collateral, margin, clearing, plus analysis of trade association opinions.


Understand the key considerations when executing agreements electronically/remotely.

How we make a difference

No billable hours, no cost overruns

A single fixed annual payment.

Best-in-class analysis

Led by a senior lawyer team.

User-friendly reporting

Insight at a glance with a traffic-light system.

A proven approach

Leading the way since 2002.

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