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Three professional people walking down a quiet street
Three professional people walking down a quiet street

Business teams

Prepare to progress in a role where your impact on the business is always valued.

At Allen & Overy, our people are our strongest and most important asset. We pride ourselves on recruiting only the very best – lawyers and support professionals – and it is that basic principle which forms the foundation of our success.

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Our departments



The work of the Finance team is a key component of the success of the Ho Chi Minh office. Our team has extensive experience and focuses on financial analysis, budget control, accounting and credit control.

Human Resources

Human Resources

We provide the full suite of HR services to our lawyers and staff. The team plays a critical role in the recruitment, management and retention of talent among both the lawyers and support staff at all levels.

Information Technology

Information Technology

Our Information Technology team keep abreast of the continuing advancements and developments in technology and can be relied on for their professionalism, innovation, efficacy and dedication.

Legal PAs

Legal PAs

The PA support role in Allen & Overy is an increasingly sophisticated and demanding one. Our team of Legal PAs boast extensive knowledge and expertise in a wide range software systems and processes.   


We’ll equip you for the future, both yours and ours, whatever it may bring. We believe that enjoyment and satisfaction at work go hand in hand. That’s why we’re proud to offer a competitive and innovative employment package that’s committed to the health, success and well-being of all of our people.

In order to provide peace of mind to staff and their families, we provide the following insurance coverage:

  • Medical and dental insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Permanent health insurance (for long-term disabilities)
  • Personal accident insurance

We are constantly looking for the most efficient and effective methods of working and have introduced several initiatives to help our employees strike the necessary work/life balance. These include:

  • Home working
  • Part-time working/reduced or fixed working hours
  • Job sharing
  • Health and wellbeing initiatives

Learning & development

We're passionate about providing top-quality training and development for all our people. Our aim is to constantly grow as a leading global law firm and our people are key to achieving this goal. That's why we invest in you – providing a career which is tailored to your skills and helping you achieve your goals. We aim to bring you opportunities you wouldn't find anywhere else – and to do this, we've created the A&O Support Academy.

Its aim is to provide our business teams globally with the leadership, management and business skills needed to succeed and reach their full potential. The programmes are delivered by a mix of internal and external facilitators, these programmes are specifically tailored to the every-day work reality and challenges of business teams at A&O.

The Academy can be joined at any point in your career, from foundation, through advanced and up to mastery level. Many of the programmes are offered on a regional basis to enable everyone globally to attend and network with their peers from other offices.

Working environment

Ho Chi Minh City & Hanoi

At Allen & Overy (Vietnam), we believe in the fundamental importance of collaboration and teamwork, of giving lawyers and professional support staff, tasks that will challenge and stretch them, and then supporting them to advance their careers.

We believe that our people perform best when they are given the very best resources and facilities, opportunities and encouragement to explore their full potential. We focus on performance rather than hierarchies, and place relationships at the heart of everything we do.

We blend both the cultures of Allen & Overy worldwide and Vietnam to produce a collaborative, exciting and dynamic environment.

Our locations

  • Europe
  • Africa
  • Asia Pacific
  • Middle East
  • North America
  • Latin America

In addition to countries where we have offices, we also have a number of International Desks advising clients on large scale international transactions in Europe.

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