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Elizabeth Randall

Senior Media Relations Manager – Communications

What do you think sets A&O apart? 

What attracted me to A&O was its reputation for innovation and my experience here has certainly lived up to that. I think innovation is something at the heart of the firm and that we see in elements of everything we do. The culture is very distinctive too. A&O is collegiate and friendly and I’ve always had the sense that everyone is working to help others perform at their best. 

Tell us about your journey – what initially drew you to A&O?

Having started my career at PR agencies, I joined A&O after making the move in-house to law firms. I was previously at two other firms for six years in total. They were both great firms and I really enjoyed the work but A&O attracted me because of its size and having such a broad international network, which makes what I do even more interesting. The law firms that I’ve worked at have all had very distinctive brands and that was another big draw for me here. 

How long have you been at A&O? How do you feel it has changed over the years?

I’ve been here for three and a half years which have gone by in the blink of an eye!  One of the biggest things we’ve seen in that time is the launch of Fuse, our tech innovation space. That really cemented our innovation proposition. 

How do you balance your career at A&O and your home life?

I think we’re very lucky that A&O is very vocal about wellbeing internally and so everyone respects peoples’ lives outside of work. It can be tempting to stay in the office or work outside core hours, especially when we’re working with colleagues in different time zones, but I don’t feel an expectation to be responsive 24/7 if we’re not dealing with something urgent. As someone who commutes from quite far, there are days every now and again that being able to not have to face the journey is great, which is thanks to our iFlex programme. When I do commute, the train journey is a really useful time to answer a few emails and then I can switch off at home. 

If you could switch roles with anyone else in A&O, whose job would you want and why?

When I first started in PR I worked for companies that make big printers and secretly found it all quite fascinating so I think I’d like to be in the print room with the big printers, producing all our brochures, reports and pitch documents. 

What advice would you give for people considering joining A&O?

Be yourself because A&O is made up of really diverse people and personalities and so there’s no mould to fit. 

What do you think you have gained both personally and professionally from your time at A&O?

Personally I’ve gained some great friends. Professionally I’ve learned so much from working alongside really talented and experienced people. I’ve also gained more faith in my own abilities and expanding knowledge. 

What extracurricular activities have you become involved in since joining A&O (Sports teams / music / pro bono etc)?

In 2018 I took part in a trek through the desert in Jordan with 20 others from across A&O’s international network. We were offered the amazing opportunity as part of the firm’s work fundraising for War Child, who was our global charity partner. It was the most incredible experience, sleeping in the middle of the desert, getting to know people from around the world and encouraging each other to make it to the end, which was the ancient city of Petra. We also got to hear from War Child’s representatives in Jordan about what the money that A&O has raised has been used for. It was powerful to see what we can do when we come together. By the end of the two-year partnership with A&O the firm had raised GBP1.5 million for War Child which is testament to the importance A&O puts on pro bono and community investment across the world. 

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

The daily media coverage alert for the firm! But maybe I should get out more… 

What was your first ever job?

I worked at a high street shop at Christmas time and while it was good money for a teenager we had one head-office sanctioned CD of Christmas songs and now I can never listen to Kylie’s version of Santa Baby ever again!