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Lobna Ismail | Associate

I studied law in Egypt and practised in Cairo for a few years before relocating to Belfast. I moved here and joined A&O in 2017, because I knew I would get an opportunity to work on really high quality projects.  


I worked mainly on banking and finance deals back in Egypt and I’m now one of the banking associates in Belfast – when I first arrived I got the opportunity to work on international capital markets and corporate transactions to try something different, but after a while I decided to focus on banking, which is what I have always enjoyed.

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Over the last four years I’ve had the chance to convert my qualification and become a qualified English solicitor. I knew that with A&O I would find the support I needed to develop my career. I’m surrounded by knowledgeable people who will always assist me when I need it, and I’ve been able to take study leave when necessary.

I’ve worked with lots of different A&O offices: I’m involved in a matter with the New York team that’s been going on since 2018, and I’ve worked directly with partners and associates in London, Singapore and Dubai. I’ve also handled a wide range of matters and had access to all sorts of training sessions relevant to my day-to-day work. 

We get to work on top-tier projects but we don’t work such long hours as you would in a traditional legal team – you wouldn’t get the opportunity to work on these kinds of deals elsewhere without only getting a few hours of sleep a night.

The office atmosphere is really friendly. You’re not just a number sitting at a desk doing a job. You feel like you are part of one big family and the managing associates are really understanding and easy to reach out to whenever you need them.

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