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Nitiwat Kaewsa-ard

IT and Facilities Specialist - Information Technology


I joined Allen & Overy in 2006. I was very impressed with the firm interview process as my line manager-to-be flew from Hong Kong to conduct an interview with me in person and presented me with the current and future plan of the IT team (we were setting up the Asian service desk at that time).

I spent three weeks training in our Hong Kong office after I joined and learnt that IT plays a vital role in the firm. There is such a wide range of IT services that we provide to our customers that they sometimes take them for granted! After we setup our Asian service desk everyone in the Asian IT team gathered in Singapore (there were around 30 of us) for the purpose of IT training and team building.

We ran an amazing race-like activity all over Singapore where we had been assigned with challenges in order to collect points and we all had a great time. The experience was a great example of Allen & Overy's emphasis on teambuilding and teamwork and was an important activity for me as my day to day work involves collaboration between different teams and countries since most of the firm's business is cross-border transactions.

The Bangkok office has a friendly working environment where the door is always open.I do not feel intimidated if I go to ask for advice from all levels within and outside of the IT team (even the partners). Allen & Overy provides many opportunities and broadens my experiences.