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My story is a little different to that of a regular graduate as it involves a journey through five countries. This is what it took for me to finally settle at Allen & Overy in Bratislava. Looking at my path from the very beginning, the thought of becoming a lawyer started to become very clear to me during my last years in high school. I always liked academic reading, research and persuasive storytelling.

I also realised the importance of mastering these skills in English, which is why I decided to go to the USA for part of my high school, and study at universities in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Law schools focusing on current legal issues were a perfect fit for me. Although I was convinced that I should pursue a legal career at an international level, it took me some time to find the field of law I was the most passionate about.

Along the way, I gained further legal experience in Belgium and Slovakia before finally completing my Slovak law degree. I am convinced that this journey made me well suited to a career in an international law firm and enabled me to expand my mind-set. This is important in an office such as Allen & Overy Bratislava, where you deal with practically every area of law. To me, the strongest advantage of staying with a firm like Allen & Overy is the opportunity to master not only any area of local law, but also, as part of an integrated world-wide network, any area of global law.

My experience here has proved that the firm is keen to provide the best tools for its people to develop no matter their level of seniority. One of the best advantages for my development has been the people with whom I work, who are always willing to go the extra mile and who inspire with their expert legal eye and their enthusiastic attitude. For me, this makes Allen & Overy Bratislava the only place to be.