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I started studying law with the intention of becoming an attorney.

As my time at university progressed, I thought that beginning my career at one of the big international law firms would be a good idea.

Life, however, got in the way of things. I met my (future) husband, got married and one year after the wedding my son was born.

I was sure my original career plan was over. A few years later, however, I joined one of the international law firms as a trainee lawyer. After four years, my second son was born and the firm was kind enough to accept a new part-time working arrangement. One day, by accident,

I met with one of the A&O partners and after a few rounds of talks and interviews I knew that A&O was the place to be. I joined as a part-timer five years ago and haven’t once regretted the move.

What distinguishes A&O from other international law firms is a close-knit group of people who share great enthusiasm for their work.

There is a friendly and warm atmosphere in the office, which persists even in difficult and stressful times. I am convinced that A&O has the best system of training and know-how sharing mechanisms for its people.

These carefully thought-out tools promote development of our people to the top practitioners in the market, over a relatively short period of time.

Once you get in, you will not want to leave the firm anytime soon. You may think of this as a cliché. I trust the fact that the majority of my colleagues have been working for A&O longer than me is sufficient proof.