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Paolo Ghiglione

Partner - Corporate

It seems like only yesterday, but four years have passed already. It was September 2007 when I joined the firm, and I knew almost nothing about it.

The first, pleasant surprise was the people. Committed, enthusiastic professionals and staff, with a unique human touch that made me feel at home very quickly.

The second enlightenment came when I started realising how deep and genuine was the belief that we all belong to a sole community, notwithstanding the different places and backgrounds we all come from. And the more I work here, the more people I have the chance to work with, the more this feeling grows.

Now that I also share in full the responsibility of taking and keeping this huge family at the top of its world, and I face on a daily basis an extraordinary variety of new challenges. If you ask me "what has been your best success so far with Allen & Overy", I'll simply respond: "the next one".