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Cristiano Tommasi

Partner - International Capital Markets

"I started my collaboration with Allen & Overy in 1998 as a trainee lawyer immediately after graduation and an LL.M in comparative law in the United States and since then I have had the fortune and honour of living and growing in this big global world which has constantly taught me a lot and has allowed me to work alongside high-level professionals from Italy and all over the world.

I had no clear ideas about “what I wanted to be when I grew up”, but here I have found many answers and the passion for a profession which, with some inevitable sacrifice, gives me a lot in terms of personal fulfilment.

Over the years, before directing my interests to the international capital markets, which became my specialty, I have had the opportunity to explore various areas of law and live valuable experiences at a professional and human level such as, for example, the secondments at the London office and an important investment bank. Thanks to such a variety of opportunities I have always regarded Allen & Overy as my ideal professional habitat, where I work with dedication and commitment, but I also keep receiving new stimuli and taking on new challenges."