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This was an exciting role with a new team, which opened up a new chapter of my career and pushed me out of my comfort zone

Jenny Chung

After graduating, I worked at a local law firm for two years before joining A&O as an Administrative Assistant in 1998. My A&O career has included four challenging and interesting roles since then.

In 2011, I was promoted to Business Services Manager. In this role, I was responsible for ensuring full support of the office’s daily operations. Our Business Services department had 20 team members including Front of House, Print Operator, Search Clerk, Document Production and Office Assistant. I enjoyed this role because it offered me the opportunity to work with a variety of different members of staff and also meet different people externally, which broadened my knowledge and experience.

In 2015, my daughter was at an age when I needed to spend more time with her. I transferred to the new Peerpoint business as a Peerpoint Administrator, working part-time. This was an exciting role with a new team, which opened up a new chapter of my career and pushed me out of my comfort zone, while also enabling me to spend enough time with my daughter. I had the opportunity to work with more people outside of Hong Kong, as the business expanded to Australia and Singapore. Within 3 years, my role became regional and I took on more operational responsibilities in the regional team.

Recently I have just taken on my fourth role, which is a return to many of my previous responsibilities. I have taken on the role as Office Manager in Hong Kong, working with the Business Services Team. It is nice to work with some colleagues I worked very closely with before, and also to develop into this role that interacts across all of the A&O departments and while our office has expanded.

There are three main reasons I have stayed with the firm. Firstly, the people - We have diverse mix of cultures and nationalities, and we are still like a family, willing to take care of each other when facing challenges and also sharing successes. Secondly - the forward thinking nature of the firm and our investment in technology, personal development and resources; Peerpoint is just one example. Thirdly - the firm’s concern for the wellbeing of its staff, demonstrated through our flexible working policy and work life balance week. The firm also organises social activities, for example sports activities and family gatherings like Disney Halloween, AIA Carnival, and movie nights.