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Cedric Tang

Cedric Tang joined as a trainee solicitor in August 2021. He received his Juris Doctor and PCLL from the University of Hong Kong. Prior to studying law, he obtained a Master of Pharmacy from University College London, and is a UK and Hong Kong qualified pharmacist.

My previous job at Pfizer, a multi-national pharmaceutical company, taught me one important thing – a good reputation speaks for itself. That is why A&O was my top choice when I applied for vacation schemes. Looking back, my positive experience throughout the process has gone above and beyond A&O’s reputation and my own expectations.

During my vacation scheme, I was given real responsibilities throughout, such as exciting and interesting research on key legal issues, and the preparation of important transaction documents for active client cases. Complementing this was structured training sessions and seminars to help enhance my knowledge and provide a greater insight into the firm. The buddy and mentor arrangements reflect A&O’s collaborative people culture, ensuring that there was always someone approachable and keen to share their knowledge and experience with me.  

I take comfort knowing that A&O is always there for my professional career growth, and that I am empowered and well-equipped not only for the firm’s success, but also my own development. A&O is invested in the holistic development of their junior lawyers, providing a clear framework for the training contract, internal seminars and formal training sessions, and an individual trainer for each seat to ensure a structured path to success. Future trainees are enrolled in the BPP A&O LLM Commercial Legal Practice Course developed by the firm. I was able to do the training modules and access the reference materials even before I started as a trainee. This was extremely helpful as it enhanced my business, finance and commercial knowledge as well as helping me to understand some of the practical know-how used by the firm.