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Test tubes with purple and blue colour shade
Test tubes with purple and blue colour shade

Life Sciences Hub

In our blog dedicated to Life Sciences, we report on EU and national regulatory, compliance, intellectual property and transactional developments in the sector.

We focus on (bio)pharmaceuticals and medical technologies, and also cover food and beverages, cosmetics and other healthcare products.

If you have questions about the blog or suggestions about what we should cover please do contact us.

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Blog Post: 04 January 2023

Why AI drug discovery deals are different from traditional pharma collaborations

Pharma companies have been working with artificial intelligence (AI) for a decade or more. As the cost and time of bringing a new drug to market continues to rise, pharma companies are increasingly…

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Senior Male Research Scientist is Using a Tablet Computer in a Modern High-Tech Laboratory. Genetics and Pharmaceutical Studies and Researches.

Blog Post: 21 December 2022

New date for the proposal of a revised EU pharmaceutical legislation

On 25 November 2020, the European Commission announced in its Communication for a Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe a thorough review of the EU pharmaceutical legislation, which was originally…

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