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Belgium launches single online portal for health data

At the initiative of the Minister for Social Affairs and Health Care, on 8 May 2018, the Belgian government announced the launch of a single online portal for health data entitled "MaSanté – MijnGezondheid". The portal aims to provide citizens with an easily accessible overview of all existing health data (including their personal data) and should serve as a so-called "personal health viewer". Citizens can access the portal via their ID card (eID) or the "itsme" app.

At present, the portal is a work in progress and not all existing health data is included therein. Links to the following data are currently provided:

  • Medical data such as a summary of records from general practitioners and reports of results from hospital examinations.
  • The management of explicit consent (for the online e exchange of health data).
  • Registrations as organ donors.

In the future, citizens will be able to access more information such as the healthcare insurer's online platform and information about medicinal products and vaccines.

This article was co-authored by Claire Caillol.


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