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French Court of Auditors publishes report on National Professional Order of Physicians

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30 January 2020

On December 2019, the French Court of Auditors published a report (French language) following an audit carried out on the French Medical Council and some of the Departmental Councils of the Medical Order.

The court reported several issues in the organisation, management and control of the institution, identifying that it:

  • Was sociologically unrepresentative of the active medical profession and had a closed governance.
  • Had significant accounting and management disorders.
  • Performed administrative missions unequally.
  • Lacked rigour in the handling of complaints and had a disciplinary system marked by dysfunctions.
  • Needed structural evolution.

The Professional Order contested many points of the audit both in substance and in form, and published a statement, publicly expressing its precise and reasoned responses, highlighting that:

  • Several essential missions carried out by the institution were ignored by the court.
  • It profoundly disagreed with the fragmented analysis of the effectiveness of the administrative and disciplinary missions examined.
  • It rejected the restrictive vision of its functions, set out in the report, and would continue to make the voice of doctors heard in the public debate within the framework of its missions and the powers of the institution, based on its territorial roots.
  • It would, however, implement certain well-founded corrective measures or recommendations included in the report, particularly in terms of governance.

This article was co-authored by Alexis Vaujany.

A prior version of this post was originally published by the same authors in Practical Law – Life Sciences, January 2020 Issue (Thomson Reuters).

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