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New podcast series deconstructing crypto enforcement

U.S. enforcement and litigation developments in the digital asset space have been frequent this year. Join partners Todd Fishman and Eugene Ingoglia for discussions on disruptive trading practices, such as front-running, insider trading and cross-market manipulation, in their new podcast series, Deconstructing Crypto.

Among other developments, Todd and Eugene consider:

  • direct risks for individuals – such as charges of insider trading under securities/commodities law or violations of the wire fraud statute;
  • institutional risks, particularly for listed issuers, in the context of misleading or inaccurate market disclosures; and 
  • potential criminal and civil claims – including under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO).

Let Todd and Eugene talk you through important conduct considerations and describe, in simple terms, their insights on what we might see from enforcers and civil plaintiffs.