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London buildings - the gherkin
London buildings - the gherkin

Employment Talk

Employment Talk is the place where members of our employment team share their views. Dedicated to providing HR and ER professionals with tips and best practice guidance for the fast paced and ever changing landscape of employment law.

As well as posts from our UK team the blog will include insight from our international practitioners on global developments, and other practice areas where there is crossover or synergies.

For general queries about the Allen & Overy employment practice, please contact us.

Featured posts

Blog Post: 27 JULY 2021

Linking remuneration to diversity and inclusion metrics in financial services

What gets measured gets done. And when the measurement is tied into remuneration, it usually gets done quicker. Could these principles apply to linking remuneration to diversity and inclusion metrics?…

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People talking with a focus on their shadows

Blog Post: 25 MARCH 2021

Whistleblowing in financial services: upping the ante

The FCA has just upped the ante with regard to whistleblowing with its latest campaign “In confidence, with confidence”, designed to encourage individuals working in financial services to report…

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