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The 2018 FIFA World Cup – are you ready?

Sinclair Robbie
Robbie Sinclair



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08 June 2018

With the countdown to the World Cup in Russia this summer already well underway (it kicks off on Thursday 14 June 2018), now is the time for employers to consider the impact that a four-week showpiece international football event may have on the workplace. Are you ready?

History tells us that staff morale and interest are high during the World Cup. The national sport has a unifying effect, with its accompanying anticipation, sweepstakes, banter, camaraderie and speculation. But we also know that staff can be distracted and more inclined to take a "sickie". This is less likely to happen during the 2018 World Cup than in previous tournaments as very few matches are scheduled during core traditional working hours. Of the matches involving England (even if they go all the way…..!), most are scheduled for evenings and weekends.

Aside from match scheduling, employers may wish to take a number of pre-emptive, but proportionate, steps to ensure that business runs as usual. After all, the event only takes place once every four years, and the boost in employee morale is almost priceless.

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