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Celebrating diversity and inclusion with Eid in the park

The ugly and devastating side of the pandemic has changed all our lives. It has brought hardship and pain to millions. But it has also given us a chance to pause, recalibrate, and see things differently. And from that perspective, glimpses of beauty and inspiration are emerging.

As I walked my dog this morning at the crack of dawn, I was surprised by the hustle and bustle of people laden with boxes and picnic baskets, smiling and chatting as they gravitated towards the other side of the park. Seeing the number of women wearing hijabs, I realised it was Eid. But even so, Eid is traditionally celebrated with family and friends in the mosque and at home. Or so I thought.

I asked a couple of women what was going on. They delighted in telling me that this year the Muslim community were celebrating Eid in the park. They were reviving the prophetic tradition and were sharing their festival with the community. They invited me to come along too, telling me it was for everyone, and offered me a delicious homemade biscuit made with dates.

For me, this chance encounter highlighted why diversity and inclusion is becoming a commercial and personal imperative. Eid Mubarak!

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