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Rainer Evers

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Yesterday I learnt that Rainer Evers, one of the team of three behind this blog, died over the weekend.

It's incredibly difficult to know what to say, not least because I can hear him tearing me apart mid-sentence for my grammatical errors and lack of clarity.

Here is an example of a typical email exchange.


Me to potential contributors to Compact Contract:

From: Rix, Jason:LT (LN)

Sent: 03 July 2017 16:19

Does anyone fancy doing the first case (recitals and the difference between "suspension")? ...

Rainer's reply:

From: Evers, Rainer:PP (LN)

Sent: 03 July 2017 16:28

To: Rix, Jason:LT (LN)

“The difference between “suspension”” and: 1. A box girder bridge 2. An ocelot’s spleen; or, 3. A Triumph Spitfire front trunnion?


One of my fondest stories involving Rainer is when I was giving a talk to clients on damages.  Rainer, who was in the audience, got a call on his mobile. He stood up and started heading towards a door at the back of the room to leave the seminar and take the call. He opened the door and walked in. Only it wasn't a door that led anywhere. It was the door to a cupboard. So he was forced to turn around, nonchalantly, pretending all was well, and find the exit. In the meantime I had to continue my talk without bursting into a fit of giggles.

Rainer, I will miss you.



26 September 2017 at 10:53 am

Angeline Welsh says:

Its a post that Rainer would have been touched by Jason, as am I. Rainer will be greatly missed.