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Diversity and inclusion

Diversity is one of Allen & Overy’s strategic business priorities. Our aim is to build an environment where everyone feels supported and comfortable in being open, and where the differences between our people create opportunities not barriers.

Globally, we have three strategic priorities: to achieve better gender balance and greater racial and ethnic representation at the top levels of our organisation and to promote greater LGBTQ+ inclusion.

Much of our wider diversity programme focuses on promoting inclusion and equality at a local level – whether that’s gender, sexual orientation, race and ethnicity, social background, disability, age, religion or any other differences – as the issues and ways to remove barriers can differ from country to country. All of our work is underpinned by a set of guiding principles based on impact, accountability and openness.

Building a diverse and inclusive organisation is essential for our future success. It is everyone’s responsibility at A&O to drive progress, adopt our Code of Conduct and understand the standards and behaviours we should all abide by in our working lives.

A personal commitment to our black community

Gareth Price and Wim Dejonghe

A message to all A&O people from Wim Dejonghe and Gareth Price (Senior and Managing Partners).

Our diversity statistics (at May 2020)

Across A&O our people are different in ways that we can see – like gender, age and ethnicity – and in ways that we can't – like education, social background, religion and sexual orientation. We think that is a good thing.  The benefits of building a diverse workforce with a genuinely inclusive culture are very clear. We know that diverse teams drive originality and innovation; mitigate risks from ‘group-think’; lead to greater engagement at work; and build stronger client relationships. That is why diversity is a top priority for us, and central to the kind of firm we want to be.

Wim Dejonghe, Senior Partner

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