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Global Charity Partnership HTI
Global Charity Partnership HTI

A&O's Global Charity Partnership

A&O’s current global charity partner is Hope and Homes for Children, an international charity that works to protect vulnerable children by moving them out of institutions into family based care.

Over 2,500 A&O staff helped to select Hope and Homes for Children as our global charity partner. The two year partnership (beginning November 2018) will help the charity in tackling a hidden global crisis. Every year thousands of vulnerable families in Nepal and India are deceived into giving up their children into an abusive orphanage system where they are exploited.

The goal of our partnership with Hope and Homes for Children is to raise GBP1 million and provide the charity with significant pro bono support to strengthen its work around the world. The first GBP500,000 of the money we raise will be spent in Nepal and India, where Hope and Homes for Children will help approximately 7,500 children and reunite them with their families. The second GBP500,000 we raise will be spent by the charity to support their overall mission.

Our aim is to use the expertise of people from across Allen & Overy to develop a landmark legal model to reform child safeguarding internationally, having an impact on millions of children worldwide. We will work with Hope and Homes for Children on a number of other projects to strengthen its work across the world. 

Find out more about Hope and Homes for Children.

The image shown above is from our charity partner, Hope and Homes for Children.