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Alumni Yearbook 2021
Alumni Yearbook 2021

Alumni Yearbook 2021: Adapting to a new world

The 2021 yearbook, ‘Adapting to a new world’, explores how we merge the best of the old and the best of the new into something that works for the business, our clients and our people.

On this page, you can access all the stories featured in this year’s edition, including interviews with our people within A&O and across our alumni community who are leading by example and effecting positive change in the fields of environmental, social and corporate governance, and social mobility work.

If you would like to download our Alumni Yearbook 2021 in full, you can do so below.

A welcome message from our co-chair

Boylan Wells

Boyan Wells

With health, business and travel uncertainties continuing to wash over the world, it’s understandable when we hear of friends and colleagues feeling disoriented and feeling that way ourselves.

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