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Pay gap reporting - UK

In our fifth Pay Gap Report we have expanded our data on ethnicity, LGBTQ+ and disability, alongside our gender pay gap reporting.

We also include key points from our action plans for each area of diversity, showing our priorities and where we are seeing progress.

Both the mean and median hourly gender pay gaps for our London employees (the figures required by Government regulations) have fallen again this year. The mean is now 13.2%, down from 20% in 2018.

As we explain in the report, we believe the gender strategy we launched in 2018 is working. The proportion of women going into the partner promotion process has increased – this year 33% of new partners promoted globally were women and in 2020 it was 45%. Overall in London, this means that the proportion of women partners has risen to 25% (as of 1 May 2021) – up from 22% in 2020.

We are also closely monitoring the proportion of women in our talent pipeline from the earliest career stages, in order to ensure they are rising to senior levels and that we continue to increase the overall percentage of women in our partnership year on year.  

In addition, we are making progress towards the race and ethnicity targets we set ourselves in 2020, with 21% of our colleagues in London identifying as ethnic minority – up from 19% last year – and moving closer to our target of 25% ethnic minority colleagues in London by 2025.

All In

This year we launched All In – the next step in our push to create an inclusive culture and our commitment to ask ourselves every day what we can do to build an environment where everyone feels they can be comfortable and confident that they belong at A&O.

We know that the way we will reduce pay gaps is by retaining our talent and creating a more diverse workforce at senior levels – and the way to do that is by celebrating differences and encouraging everyone at A&O to be All In.

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Diversity, equity and inclusion at Allen & Overy

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