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Supporting our disabled colleagues

Sometimes what makes us different is visible. Sometimes it isn’t immediately obvious. We know that differences can be life-changing and can change over time.

We believe that being differently-abled shouldn’t be a barrier to anyone achieving their potential, and so we are committed to learning and understanding the experiences of our differently-abled colleagues.

Whether it is physical, neuro or any other kind of difference, we want everyone to feel supported to bring their true self to work, knowing they are valued and always included for who they are.

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Diversity and inclusion at Allen & Overy
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We want all our colleagues to thrive and are committed to providing the support and adjustments needed by our people with additional needs.

The levels and types of help required vary for each person, so we work closely with individuals to understand their needs on a case-by-case basis and ensure they feel confident in pursuing their careers without disability getting in the way.

As with every other area of diversity, it is everyone’s responsibility to be conscious of the extra challenges some colleagues can face, and to provide the support for people to be as open as they choose about their disabilities. Yet another reason why we put so much emphasis on creating an environment where everyone feels that they can bring their authentic selves to work. Where everyone feels that they belong, no matter what.

How A&O supports our colleagues, Sasha Hardman, Global HR Director

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"At A&O we are committed to supporting and understanding the experience of our colleagues with disabilities. We want everyone to feel able to bring their true self to work, knowing they are valued and always included for who they are."

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