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Peter Hoegen

Senior Counsel

Frankfurt am Main

Peter Hoegen
Peter Hoegen

Senior Counsel

Frankfurt am Main

Peter has extensive experience in the areas of general banking and finance law, national and cross-border acquisition finance, corporate lending and real estate finance; the main focus of his advisory practice is on restructuring and insolvency law.

Peter's clients include international banking syndicates as well as cross-border groups of companies and other stakeholders whom he advises in situations where their business partners are in financial crisis, both in the case of out-of-court consensual restructuring and in judicial insolvency (plan) proceedings of any kind, as well as banks and investors on non-performing loan transactions and distressed debt.

He has advised in leading roles on major national and international corporate restructurings and insolvency proceedings. These include i.a. those carried out by Kathrein SE, Steinhoff group, Lino Management B.V., IVG Immobilien AG, Pfleiderer group, LOEWE, Edscha AG, EganaGoldpfeil, Merckle group, JOST group, Monier group, Schieder and Schefenacker group.

The Steinhoff restructuring secured the "2019 CEE Deal of the Year Award" in Austria. The Pfleiderer restructuring of was awarded the PLATOW Recht Award 2013: "Best legal advisory project 2012", and the Handelsblatt restructuring 2016 award for "outstanding restructuring results". The IVG refinancing out of insolvency was awarded Global Finance Deal of the Year: Restructuring (Germany) by American Lawyer Global Legal Awards 2015. The Merckle restructuring was lauded as Highly Recommended in the Financial Services Category by FT Innovative Lawyers 2010. The Schefenacker restructuring was acclaimed as Restructuring Deal of the Year and Restructuring Team of the Year in the IFLR European Awards 2008 and received the award for Legal Expertise by FT Innovative Lawyers Report 2008.

Peter is (co-) author of numerous articles on various aspects of insolvency and has contributed to a report published by the World Bank focusing on insolvency. Peter Hoegen is a member of the European group of the insolvency and restructuring working group of the German Bar Association (DAV) which focuses on the European Insolvency Law and its recent developments. Furthermore, he is a lecturer at the ILF (Institute for Law and Finance, Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main). Peter is a regular speaker and participant at panel events.

Peter Hoegen is listed as one of the leading German restructuring and banking & finance lawyers in numerous rankings, including JUVE, Chambers, Legal 500, IFLR, and Best Lawyers Handelsblatt. "So good that he dominates the market" (competitor) – JUVE Handbook 2019/2020. "Lawyer of the Year for Restructuring and Insolvency Law" – Best Lawyers 2018 Handelsblatt. "Leading name" in Banking & Finance and Restructuring & Insolvency – Chambers Global/Europe 2019.

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Act on the Stabilisation and Restructuring Framework for Businesses

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German scheme under the StaRUG (draft bill)

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Banking and Finance


Frankfurt am Main

Allen & Overy LLP
Bockenheimer Landstraße 2
60306 Frankfurt am Main

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Admitted as German Rechtsanwalt, 1989


Second German Law Degree, 1988

First German Law Degree, Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms University of Bonn, 1985

Published work

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