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Markulf Behrendt



Behrendt Markulf
Markulf Behrendt



Markulf’s combination of extensive experience in employment law, regular advice to leading B2C companies on complex proceedings, and his lecturing and speaking engagements on human resources issues, keeps him at the cutting edge of his field.

Being known for his expertise in restructuring advice and all compliance-related issues, clients value his clear advice, ability to distil complex issues down to simple elements, and providing high quality, client first service. Markulf holds several key management roles such as Head of Employment & Benefits Germany and Global Head of Employment & Benefits as well as Co-head of the German Compliance Group. His long-standing client relationships include nationally as well as internationally based companies.

With more than 15 years of professional experience as an employment lawyer and over 10 years of heading the Employment & Benefits group in Hamburg, Markulf’s clients profit of his depth of expertise. Being regarded by colleagues and clients as highly pragmatic, he helps his clients through challenges, including the difficulties of company wind-ups, negotiations and restructurings. Markulf is able to outline complex legal issues easily understandable and always delivers a clean answer. He provides his clients with the opportunity to access his wide personal network which often opens unexpected business opportunities to them.

Markulf is highly valued by his clients and peers alike, being described as “an excellent employment lawyer”, “fast, unbureaucratic and solution-oriented” and “excellently networked” (Legal 500 2018).

His experience and expertise has established many long-standing client relationships, particularly with international companies where his advice deals with multiple legal jurisdictions. Markulf is also widely recognised for his lecturing on human resources issues (Wismar University) and regular publishing and speaking engagements. Clients regard him as proactive and personal.

“Understanding the client is key to a successful on-going relationship. In today’s complex global business context they need straightforward, pragmatic advice from someone who is always reachable.”

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Ballindamm 17
20095 Hamburg

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Assessor, Germany, 2005

Referendar, Germany, 2002

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